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  • Déisi — The Déisi were a class of peoples in ancient and medieval Ireland. The term is Old Irish, and derives from the word déis, meaning vassal or subject ; in its original sense, it designated groups who were vassals or rent payers to a landowner.[1]… …   Wikipedia

  • Déisi Tuisceart — was a generic term to describe a number of unrelated, rent paying vassal tuatha (a people, or nation) on the island of Ireland, situated in north east Munster, mainly at and south of the present day city of Limerick. They included tuatha such as… …   Wikipedia

  • desi — [ deɪsi] (also deshi) adjective Indian 1》 local; indigenous.     ↘derogatory rustic; unsophisticated. 2》 unadulterated or pure. Origin via Hindi from Sanskrit deśa country, land …   English new terms dictionary

  • Dacia — /ˈdeɪsiə/ (say dayseeuh) noun an ancient kingdom and later a Roman province in southern Europe between the Carpathian Mountains and the Danube, corresponding generally to modern Romania and adjacent regions. –Dacian, adjective, noun …   Australian English dictionary

  • desi — /ˈdeɪsi/ (say daysee), /ˈdɛsi/ (say desee) Indian English –adjective 1. of or relating to people from India or other parts of South Asia, or to their culture. –noun 2. a person born in India or elsewhere in South Asia. {Hindi (from Sanskrit) desī …   Australian English dictionary

  • desi chickpea — /deɪsi ˈtʃɪkpi/ (say daysee chikpee) noun a variety of chickpea, hardy and drought tolerant, with small, angular brown seeds. {Hindi desi + chickpea} …   Australian English dictionary

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